Looking for ideas at @LDNCommMedia summit on how community media can help in Connecting Londoners. Here’s our headlines.

I’m going to the London Community Media Summit later today, hoping to have some useful conversations about the role of local blogs, news sites, online communities and radio in Connecting Londoners and making London a more Networked City. It provides a good nudge for me to write some headlines summarising where we at, with reference links and notes.
In summary: Connecting Londoners developed from an exploration into how to make London a more Networked City. We are pitching ideas at London Funders, City Hall and others about how to introduce more network thinking and digital technology into current plans to reframe support for London civil society.
Our most recent piece: How to move TheWayAhead into the networked age by Connecting Londoners

Reporting on London civil society

Networked City and Connecting Londoners

Recent blog posts

Main sites and briefing notes

I’m sure the summit will offer a refreshing take on media, both community and mainstream. It’s now nearly 40 years since I was a planning reporter on the London Evening Standard, and 20 since I helped start UK Communities Online. I’ll be looking for new ideas and inspiration for a few more years.

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