How to make London a more Sharing City – find out who’s sharing already and fill the gaps

Yesterday Tom Llewelyn came to London to launch Sharing Cities – Activitating the Urban Commons.  It is a wonderful compendium of people, projects and organisations working together in 80 cities to create community-based solutions to challenges from housing to mobility, energy to water and waste.

The launch, appropriately enough, was in one of the centres in Barking set up by the Participatory City project – which is helping people develop a host of sharing projects in Barking over the next five years.

Every One Every Day is a network of 100s of people living in Barking and Dagenham who are working together on different neighbourhood projects around the borough to make everyday life better for everyone.

If you think you might like to do practical things with your family, friends and neighbours, including cooking, making, learning, growing,  fixing, trading, singing, playing, eating and sharing … come and join us over the summer.

I asked Tom how he thought we might make London a more Sharing City, perhaps with some of the sort of projects featured in the book. His response – we probably have a lot happening already, so first map that, bring people together, and see where there may be gaps. While online can help, it is best to start with face to face.