Free London events on Smart and Networked Cities

Next week we are running a free event in London on “Smart City meets Networked City”, with a focus on how civic mapping plus digital technology can help connect people and support networks.

There’s a few tickets left for the afternoon workshop discussions on March 27, and also for the evening session.

Over the past year we have explored the idea of Networked City as a smart city that is sharing, participatory and inclusive.

We’ll have contributions in the evening of March 27 on City Hall’s ideas for Smart London, and what this may mean for citizens and civil society organisations.

Before the event we are inviting those attending, and others interested, to take part in a survey that will produce a network map of who is doing what in civic mapping, and who knows who.

We’ll use the map as a base from which to explore how to develop a learning network, or Community of Practice, as described here.

If you can’t make it next week, we’ll be running a further session in the evening of April 19 about “Smart and Networked” with Outlandish at Space4

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